Symbolic modelling

Everyone needs to tell their story, and when they do everything changes.

Symbolic Modelling from Rupert Meese

Read the first two e-books in this series that illustrate the transformations that take place in the symbolic modelling session. Each of these is books is a faithful account of work that took place with a different client.

“Chillies and Grapes” is open for anyone to read. “The Man who Danced to the Future” requires you to sign up for the occasional Zen Listening newsletter in order to reach the end of the story. An objectionable trick I know, but you’ll be rewarded with some interesting words!

Tell your story and the world changes.

Symbolic Modelling is an amazing way of having a one to one coaching conversation that generates change. Something like hypnotherapy it arose out of advanced NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) theory. It provides a powerful and profoundly respectful way to work with all kinds of problems and issues. In these pages you’ll find all that you need to know about this remarkable process.

What do you do?

I talk to people about the things that they didn’t know they could talk about.

What for?

It helps to resolve peoples issues, even deep seated or seemingly impossible ones.

What is symbolic modelling?

Symbolic modelling is like zen listening. It enables clients to say things that there are no words for. It enables you to say things that are too complex to express ordinarily. Check here for more background on the history and development of Symbolic Modelling, Clean language and metaphor therapy.

Who comes to you?

Everyone from business owners who want to improve their business to people with dreams to fulfill. People with worries and anxieties, people who simply want something different and people who know exactly what they want and value help in getting it.

How can I get more of a flavor of it?

Listen to this extract from a session. Here the client is working with a certain resistance to achieving her outcome. The client had previously said that she would like to be “Stepping through the resistance”.

Click here to read more about this excerpt.

It is worth noting that this extract is from a telephone session. I hope that you can get a sense of how both client and I can become fully immersed in the client’s inner world such that physical presence in the same room becomes for the most part irrelevant.

Is it right for me?

  • Does your mind chatter over and over about the same issue?
  • Do you find yourself saying “why does that always happen to me?”, or “Oh no, it’s happening again”.
  • Do you wish things were different?
  • Do you wish you could just talk to somebody only it’s too hard. Perhaps awkward, difficult or complex, or no-one listens?
  • Do you need the space to do your best thinking?

If you are in any of these situations then finding symbolic modelling could be like finding a key, one that you can use to unlock… what? A treasure chest, perhaps one with a golden glow when you open it; the door to a brighter future – what kind of door? perhaps one to a prison cell, releasing a long held captive. Only you know.

What is symbolic modeling about?

Symbolic modelling affects profound change without being about change. It’s about fulfilling the human need to be heard. When that happens the world becomes different. It’s inevitable and the way that we are wired. Symbolic modelling is not like classic psychotherapy. It does not rely on you talking about all those things which are uncomfortable, embarrassing or difficult. Rather it enables those things which you say daily to be heard more fully in a new and richer way, and to form the foundation for new level of understanding.

Symbolic modelling is profoundly respectful to who you are, how you are, how you communicate, what you communicate and what you would like to have happen.

Symbolic modelling is a journey. Here are the start and end points of some of those journeys:

  • From confused and uncertain to detailed business plan.
  • From anxiety to playful, joyfully going along without the need for complete control.
  • From fear to confidently speaking to large groups.
  • From hesitant and uncertain to great new leadership qualities.

Where will your journey lead?

Why you Rupert?

‘Rupert seems to have been designed to do this kind of work!’

Wendy Sullivan Author of Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds.

Although symbolic modelling and clean language have been around for some time proving their worth and gaining a powerful reputation, there are few of us who have the skills and calling to work in this way. It requires an intense concentration, multilevel processing and an extensive background training in the nature of subjective experience in order to remain both fully present and invisible in an other’s experience.

As an experienced NLP Master practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Reiki practitioner I recognise symbolic modelling as my calling and give to you my complete commitment to your process.

People have said
“very relaxed and profoundly meaningful”
“an amazing roller coster”
“left me feeling lifted and positive again”

Is it worth it?

How do you value the resolution of a conflict? What is it worth to not be at war? How much is freedom worth? Typically we value these things very highly. In war soldiers have given their lives not for war, but for peace and freedom. And what prisoner wouldn’t pay everything they had if that meant release? With our own troubles and conflicts we sometimes forget how highly we would value peace and freedom if only we could find it. Suppose you can find it? Suppose hope triumphs over experience? What value then?

That is exactly what is on offer through symbolic modelling, and the investment is much more modest than you might think.

What next?

When to act? I want to say “Now” because that’s what all the marketing books say. Act now, while it’s fresh in your mind. Strike while the iron is hot. But what if you’re not a blacksmith? What if you’re a gardener, who plants seeds, or a witch who listens for the signs in the woods, or a mother who feels the cry of her babe even when far out of earshot? Contact me when the time is right.

Everyone needs to tell their story,

and when you do everything changes.